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It is a service which allows user to use internet to register and make online payment for event or race that is the Registration Service Provider.
Convenient, fast, have all information to confirm and support from registration service and event organizer. Safe and secure all user information.
Any citizen with full civil capacity according to the law. Member under 18 years of age register through parents or legal guardian.
Basic information according to the standard of the race
Anywhere with Internet connection
You can get support via email, phone, chat with official contact channel by the service provider
You can register online on
You can use successful registered account to register for race/event using registration service provided by according to terms and conditions of the organizer
You will receive confirmation registration/ confirmation of payment via the email address that you provide.
You can log-in on using your confirmed username and password
You should change your password with high security following instruction
You can send your support request via email or through the registered phone number, racevietnam will proceed the confirmation steps and provide information after certify the user information.
Is a race or sports event organized by an organization
Race/event can be organized by or any partner that use register service provided by
Official member will be rated based on the number of race register and results of the race that use service provided by
Members who register successfully for many races will receive special offer created by
Members with high rating will receive prizes or other special offer following event created by

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