Terms of use

Who can become a member?
Everybody who want to be a member to register through Endurace.ca

How to register?
Member register using a form and instruction on the website.

Membership Rights
Only need to register for one account that can be used for other race and events using Register Service by Endurace.ca
Make online payment according to terms, conditions and safety standard provided by Online Payment Service Provider Onepay
Special Discount for members who participate in other races on Endurace.ca
Update all information of the races that the member participated including results (if have)
Special Offer for members who got high positions in the system of Endurace.ca

Permission for the use of Information
Endurace.ca has the rights to use information of members for the following purposes:

Solve any issue during registration and payment
Send promotional information to members include: events and race, special offer, newest updates on service, sports information, reminder of registered events, preparation steps before race, updated information on race.
Analyze, use, rate member according to official results of races that use register service provided by Endurace.ca
Connect data to related services to provide good service for members
Contact member to support any problem requested by member
Confirm and solve any case that violate the rules, using fake information or do not have civil ability according to the law
Provide information to any event organizer that member register to participate
Terms and Conditions can be changed without prior notice. By accessing website Endurace.ca, users agree to all terms and conditions above.
In case member do not agree and want to end membership, kindly send request via email with all personal information to info@endurace.ca to be supported with the procedure.

Rule about membership termination

Endurace.ca has the rights to terminate or disable any member who violate the terms and conditions. Members with destructive behavior shall be terminated forever.
Disabled members will not have any membership rights.
Endurace.ca has the rights to reject membership registration, limit, change, or terminate registration with member without any responsibility with the member or any related party in the case that member violate the terms and conditions or do not have civil ability according to the law.